Monday, August 5, 2013

Zebra Dress-inspired Mani

Hey all! Happy Manicure Monday!

I have another object-inspired mani for you! Today I started cleaning/unpacking things from this past school year (yes, I never got around to doing that all summer lol), and I started going through my closet. After cleaning things up off the floor of the closet (where I tend to stash stuff when I "clean my room") I found my old Christmas dress from two years ago, one with zebra print on top and a purple stripe in the middle. I didn't even think I still had it. Anyway, I thought it might be a cool thing to model my mani after!

Here it is (by the way, the L.A girl polish is Violet purple, not the indigo color it looks like in the picture):

Oh, and here is the dress it was modeled after. I'm sorry the picture is so awful (I had no good natural light since it has been cloudy out all day today), but just know that the stripe/ribbon right below the zebra print top part of the dress is a Violet color, not the indigo it looks like in the picture.

Overall, I think the mani turned out okay....I think next time if I were to ever repeat this mani, I would use a lighter color (maybe red or coral?) that wouldn't blend in with the black as much. Anyway, the polishes I used were Sinful Colors Black on Black, L.A. Girl Hustle (purple), and L.A. Girl Disco Ball (white).

Hope you like it! Have a great rest of the evening!


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