Friday, August 2, 2013

Attack of the Minions Nails

Hey all!

I have seen many, many, many minion-themed nails recently. In fact, I really liked the minion-themed nails on the blog Eeeek! Nail polish! which you can see here. But I have to say, mine definitely doesn't look as good as hers. My little sister was the one who really wanted to have Minion Nails, which made it hard because she has such tiny fingernails. So, I tried my best.

It didn't really turn out like I had hoped, but here it is:

I have to say though, the one minion on my sister's middle finger almost looks like it has fangs lol (it was supposed to be teeth, but her nail was so small)

Anyway, the yellow I used was Nicole by OPI Hit The Lights, the dark blue was from Charlotte Russe (it didn't have a name), the black was Sinful Colors Black On Black, and the white for the eyes was L.A. Girl Disco Ball

I hope you have a great rest of the day! Thanks for reading!

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