Wednesday, August 7, 2013

N.A.I.L. Challenge: Sun

Hey guys!

Brigits Digits, eeeeknailpolish, and Crafty Nail are doing another challenge, this time a mini August challenge called N.A.I.L. (Which stands for Nail Art Ideas Linkup). You can see the post on the Brigits Digits blog here. And, the theme for Aug. 7th-11th is Sun.

So, here's my's definitely NOT my best mani, but it's all I could do tonight...I'm insanely tired from walking around all day at the college visit I went to and I'll leaving at 5 am tomorrow to attend another one (yeahhhhh). But with out further ado, here it is:

I didn't really know what to do after I finished the sun, so I decided to do chevron for the rest of the nails. The polishes I used were:
-Nicole by OPI Hit The Lights
-Delia's Coral Cascade
-a grainy glitter polish by Charlotte Russe
-a sky blue color by California Colors

I have to say though, do you remember the Mr. Sun song from like preschool? Because this mani reminds me of it lol :)

I also bought a few new polishes at Sally's the other day, and unfortunately I probably won't be able to get around to it until Monday Night, because I'll be doing some more college road trippin' and visiting family out of town and won't get around to it. 

Thanks for reading!! I'm off to bed....Good Night!!


NOTE: I don't think the link up is open yet, so I'll have to add my link tomorrow morning when it is


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