Thursday, July 4, 2013

USA Independence Day Nails

Happy Independence Day, fellow Americans!

This morning I gave myself a red, white, and blue mani using: L.A. Colors Static Electricity (Blue), Nail-licious Holly Berry (red), L.A. Girl Disco Ball (white), L.A. Girl Celebrate (red, white, and blue glitter on my thumb), and N.Y.C. Starry Night (silver glitter on my pinky and pointer fingers...this is my favorite glitter!!).

Here's my mani:

Side Notes about my mani:
-the white polish I used, L.A. Girl Disco Ball, was a PAIN. It was very streaky and runny, which is weird because my other two L.A. Girl polishes aren't like that at all. I mean, the formula was so bad, that when I started painting my sister's 4th of July nails, in her exact words she said "Ummm, Colleen? It feels like you're pouring milk on my nails." Soooo it looks like I will have to find another white polish.
-The red I used, Nail-licious Holly Berry, was awesome. I literally only used one coat, and it was stunning. You probably can't tell from the picture, but it has a really pretty shimmer in it.
-I used the end of a bobby pin for the polka dots
-please don't judge my ring finger. I messed up, and had already spent so much time on my nails, I reeeeally didn't feel like redoing it.

Peace, love, and FREEDOM,



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