Sunday, July 7, 2013

PIG Mani

Hello again, nail enthusiasts!

I’ve got yet another manicure for you today!! My little sister’s favorite animal is a pig (I don’t know why, I guess it just is), and she wanted to have a pig-themed manicure.
Sooooooo….I modeled her manicure off of Rina Alcantara’s “Three little pigs” mani on her blog, Simply Rins (you can check hers out here). Mine probably looks a little more cartoon-y.

Main Colors: For the thumb, pinky, ears, and main part of the pig’s snout, I used Love & Beauty Pink/Gold (it’s a lovely pink color with a light gold shimmer that you probably won’t be able to see in the picture). As for the base color of the middle three fingers, I used a pale pink, shimmery polish from True Girlz (it doesn’t have a name).

Delia’s Coral Cascade, a blue pastel by California Colors, and L.A. Girl Disco Ball

I hoped you like this mani! My sis sure does!

Have a great rest of the day,



  1. My mum LOVES pigs too so I did a similar design on her about six months ago! I love the idea of just using three pigs, good job! :)


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