Saturday, September 14, 2013

Swatch Time: China Glaze Red-y & Willing (Autumn Nights Collection)

Hey all!

Sorry I haven't gotten too many posts in this week, I've been super busy!

I just picked up one of the new China Glaze polishes from the Autumn Nights Collection over at Sally's yesterday, and I thought I'd show you!

The polish I picked up was Red-y & Willing, a deep red polish with a subtle shimmer. This polish is such a deep red, it almost looks maroon. The formula was good, not to thick, not to thin; this polish also spread evenly in one coat (yes, I repeat: ONE coat) with no visible brush strokes (which is a good thing, because I've heard some of the other polishes in this collection have had this problem).

Here it is:

I don't usually buy red polishes since they normally don't go with my skin tone very well, but this one I HAD to buy! Even though this polish certainly goes well for fall, I personally think this polish would look even better for the winter holidays.

Hope your having a great weekend,



  1. It looks beautiful! Looks like it would be great for stamping too, if it's opaque in one coat!

    1. It does look beautiful! And yeah, I should try stamping with it! Good idea!


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