Sunday, September 29, 2013

#HePicksMyPolish September Challenge

I hope you've all been having a good weekend!

I know I'm very last minute with this, but the girl who runs the The Sparkle Queen blog started up a #HePicksMyPolish challenge for the month of September where you have any "he" in your life (brother, husband, boyfriend, neighbor) pick three colors from your nail polish stash with absolutely no guidance from you.

I had my brother choose the three polishes, and unfortunately he choose three very bright and eye-catching polishes. He choose: Nicole by OPI Hit The Lights, a grainy silver glitter by Charlotte Russe (no name), and China Glaze Pool Party (these polishes are pictured below).

With two very bright, neon polishes and a glitter polish, I had no clue what design I should do. So, I decided just to do polka dots so that it would be a little less "in your face." I mean, I love neons, but not neon on top of neon WITH glitter. It's just a little much to me. But hey, these are the polishes my brother choose.

So here's my mani:
It actually turned out okay, but I wish I would have done them all with the yellow base color instead of mixing it up, but oh well.

If anyone else wants to participate, you have one more day!



  1. Aww cute I love the colors he picked :-)

  2. Oh wow your brother picked some mega-bright polishes! I actually really like the way you used them, and LOVE how your incorporated a fun accent nail. Good call :)

    Hope to see you in future challenges!


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