Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breast Cancer Awarness Braided Nails

Hey everyone!

Since the month of October is BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness) month, I have a BCA mani for you today!
Making a BCA mani has been something I definitely wanted to do for all of those fighting breast cancer as well as those who have fought breast cancer, like my Grandma.

Eight years ago, my Grandma was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and had to undergo several treatments (Chemo and surgery). After seeing her suffer through it, I have seen first hand how awful cancer can be. Since she was in her late 70's when she got diagnosed, her doctors all said that she probably wouldn't make it since her body would have a really hard time going through chemo (especially since it's already hard on younger-aged women). Thankfully, my Grandma fought it hard made it through, and is 85 years old now and breast cancer free! :)

However, not everyone is that lucky. So, I'm so glad I've been seeing a whole bunch of BCA mani's all over the nail blog world! Hopefully someday, there will be a cure.

Anyway, here's my mani:

The polishes I used were:
Pure Ice Superstar
Love & Beauty Pink/Gold
and a gold polish by Charlotte Russe

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